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Affair With London Escorts

My husband and I used to live in London, and I loved the place. However, since I caught my husband cheating on me with two London escorts, the city became less appealing. Not only did I divorce my husband, but I also moved away from London. In a way, it wasn’t the London escorts fault. I suppose my husband never told them he was married. Our home was rather large, and he did not have to invite the girls to our private part of the house after all. The house did not feel like home after that, and all I kept thinking about was my husband and his London escorts.

I know that I am not the only woman who has caught her husband cheating on her with London escorts. But at the time, it felt very much like that. It was heart breaking, and it too me ages to come to terms with. At first, I was furious at the London escorts and threatened them will all sorts of things, but after a while. I calmed down and realized it was my husband’s fault after all. He had invited the girls into our home, they had not turned up on their own.

On the day it happened, I was just returning from a business trip. We never used to pick up each other from the airport, using a taxi service was just so much more convenient. When I arrived at the house, I could here music playing and girls laughing. At first, I thought my husband was having drinks with our grown up daughters, so I opened the reception room door with a big smile on my face. But there he was, drinking vintage champagne with two London escorts. I was totally shocked at the two London escorts jumped up as soon as they saw me.

I have always known that my husband is a bit quirky when it comes to certain things, and he did confess to dating escorts in London before he married me. Needless to say I was very angry, and we had a row in front of the escorts in London. Of course, the two girls from London escorts did not know what to do. In the end, I asked them if they had been paid, and they said yes. I told them to leave shouting abuse after them as they left.

It was an awful experience, and I threw my husband out of the house. It was clear that he was upset, but I did not want to see this man again. After that day, we only spoke via lawyers, and after a year our settlement was sorted out. I sold the house and moved out into the country. For the last couple of years, gardening has been my therapy. From what I understand, my husband is still seeing his escorts in London, but I don’t care anymore. I have my home, and my two lovely daughters who have never forgiven their father, and I am not sure they will.

Cheating in Style

Escorts are fully aware that as many women as men cheat. It is just one of those things, we have to live with it. However, when women cheat they like to do it in style. Only the best hotels and top location around the world will do.

Escorts love to spoil themselves as well, and many of them hang out, in the same places our cheating housewives of England do. Quite often you will find that cheating housewives and escorts are friends, and I do wonder how many cheating wives have a sideline going as escorts on sites like Just a thought, but you never know.

Hotels are favorite location of cheating wives and escorts. They love to book up the best suites and rooms, and enjoy the comforts of the location. You are less likely to find cheating wives hanging around airport hotels. No, these ladies and escorts have style. They want luxury room service and spas, and expect staff to be at their beck and call.

So, what are the most important ingredients for a successful fling for the cheating housewife or loving escorts?

Room Service

There has to be room service of many different kinds, and we are talking only the best here. These ladies expect Champagne and strawberries, and only the best chocolate.

The food has to be up to scratch as well. When these ladies are away they want to forget about screaming kids and shopping in Iceland for quarter pounders. They want luxury all the way so the food has to be the best as well.


The bathroom just has to have one of those tubs that you can fit a thousand rubber ducks into or your favorite toyboy. The lotions and potions should always come from the top manufacturers and the most exclusive brands. Nothing else will fill up these ladies tubs for the night.

If, the bathroom has a couch for spontaneous massage sessions so much better. A sensual massage certainly gets a lady going, and of course it can be fun massaging your favorite toyboys or escorts as well.


Four posters what else do you expect! Desperate housewives are likely to bring all the “gear” they need as well to make the weekend go with a swing. Hand cuffs and sex toys are bound to make housekeeping staff blush. However, these ladies don’t care, they are out to have fun.

Bedding itself has to be of the highest quality as well. Egyptian cotton sheets with fluffy bathrobes at the ready should be adorning the rooms, and ready to be made the most out of.

Escorts love cheating housewives. They think that they are great fun to talk to, and are just getting one back on their husbands. The better the environment, the better sex the saying goes. Escorts appreciate that these ladies have realized how important it is to set the scene, and have on many occasions learned from them.

Now, how many desperate housewives run a little sideline as escorts? Well, we will never really know but Swedish porn writer and former escort Tittiana Nilsson belives that quite of few of these ladies may even indulge in a little bit more than just playing away from home,

Sex for work

Have you ever had an ultimate wet dream? Do you even wonder how you are going to achieve it if you are just dreaming? So dream, believe and survived. All the dreams that you always wanted to happen will be realized once you got into escorts women.

These women will accompany you in not just making your fantasies into reality but more than that. They offer more than you expect them to do. They will bring you into a different horizon of sexual pleasure. Sex plays an important role into human’s life. Thus it needs to be nurtured; it needs a lot of care that an escort could you on.

Escort girls are always available in terms of your availability. They are experts on how you will be satisfied with your ultimate happiness. You don’t need to be into another place, they offer home service that most men like the most. You don’t need to think of going out somewhere just to have fun. It will be delivered to you. Escorts agencies will provide you those girls who are expert on what you expect to happen on your sexual encounter.

As true to all human beings that we have sexual fantasies, escorts girls will give an important role to this humanitarian fantasies. You can assure that there no strings attached between the two of you. They deliver the best sexual and erotic needs and wants.

Telling lies for living, but the biggest lie in the world are the lies people tell themselves. As important thing is that you do what needs to be done, and say certain things that are equally important.  Being as escort sounds complicate your status in life, but you’re going to use to it.

Escorts women is the answer from you’re longing to sexual hunger. They are pleased to serve you in the most intimate way they can offer.

Sex Fantasies To Spice Up Your Night – The Boss and Secretary

A horny boss, his sexy secretary – the erotic potential for this scene is obvious. The spice in this scenario is provided by the power play. You can play this fantasy with your partner or escort girl thatyou have hired to spice your sex life. The boss is on top, so to speak, and it benefits the secretary to keep him pleased. On the other hand, the secretary has her own source of power – her feminine sex appeal. Since most hotels are outfitted with a desk and other work accessories, it’s easy to play this scene out right in the hotel room and let the action progress naturally to the bed.
Tip: Don’t neglect the dress-up possibilities – business suits and ties for the boss and blouse, skirt, hose, garters and heels for the secretary.

Seducing The Boss
This scene is great fun for voyeurs and exhibitionists. The secretary, intent on seducing her boss, wears extra-sexy lingerie to work – say, a new lacy bra and panty set. As he’s working, she bends over and flashes her cleavage, then her panties. Then she offers to help him relax during his hard work day with a massage. What will it take for him to finally give in? In another flavor of this scenario, the boss catches a glimpse of his secretary’s skimpy G-string and determines that her too-short skirt is not work-appropriate. He must therefore insist that she take it off. Immediately, a slow, sensual striptease ensues.

An Important Meeting
Maybe you prefer to imagine boss and secretary in the middle of a secret affair rather than at the beginning. In that case, try this scenario. The secretary crouches under the boss’ desk, positioning herself between his legs. She’s there to provide oral service while he works – but of course no-one must know that she’s there. Perhaps he is attending an important video meeting or on a crucial phone call, so she must be especially quiet and discreet. How far can she push things without blowing both their covers? If you’re feeling extra-daring, the “boss” can call someone (non-work-related) for real. See how long he can keep his cool.

Secretary Gets Spanked
If you’re ready for a little more risqué sort of role play, take this scenario for a spin. The secretary may be sexy, but some aspect of her work skills is lacking. She can’t take dictation, or types too slowly, or messes up an important memo. After one too many mistakes, the boss takes control. She needs discipline – and that means a spanking. She winds up over the knee of her boss as he sits in his office chair. Her skirt is hiked up, exposing her panties. Start the spanking over her panties, proceed to her bare bottom – where will the action lead you both next?

Office Fuck Buddies

“Will you concentrate on this?” Nicky scolded me playfully as she caught me once more looking at her small, shapely backside.

I’d earlier told her that it was one thing wearing a tight-fitting, light summery dress but when that also hugged her bum revealing the outline of obviously quite brief panties that was, “just too much.”

“Look, I’m sorry, but cute, sexy backside or boring reports and cute, sexy backside wins every time,” I grinned back. Nicky had refused to accept that her bum “wasn’t big,” despite me earlier telling her that she was ‘mad’ if she really thought that and, as I’d now repeated, it was actually ‘cute’ and, indeed, ‘very sexy.’

“Stop it,” she smiled, “and I still don’t believe you.”

“Look, I think you know…or at least I hope you know…that I think you’re great; you’re really cute, great personality…despite all our arguing….stunning body, etc, etc and if I was single, younger and looked like Brad Pitt, well…,” I trailed off, finding the way she was looking straight at me a real turn-on.

“…and so”, I continued, “I’m telling you the blooming truth…I’d struggle to say what is your best feature, because there’s so blooming many of them, but your arse is right up there!”

Nicky paused, grinned nicely, and said “well, thank you, as compliments go, that’s…right up there too!”and laughed.

“I just don’t like the idea of you having a complex about something which is actually a real selling-point!”

“A selling-point!?” she feigned looking aghast and then tried to smack me.

“You know what I mean,” I replied, dodging backwards and laughing.

“Well, I’ve got to admit that I always forget you’re a bit olde….more mature,” she grinned, seeing me raise my eyebrows, “because,” she quickly continued, “you certainly don’t look it…or act it,” this time she ducked backwards from my playful swipe, “and I’ve always had a thing for the slightly more mature, attractive, athletic man and so if you weren’t married…”

“You don’t ‘do’ married men then?” I grinned, at my deliberate entendre.

“No…well, never have done,” the seemingly significant pause made my already stiff cock jerk in excitement.

As we stared at each other the telephone rang to slightly break the moment, but Nicky just continued to look at me until it stopped. After another few moments she finally said, “I should put that over to voice-mail as we don’t want to be interrupted anyway.” She then turned round and it seemed as if as she leant forward to lift the handset and press the relevant keys she’d deliberately stuck her arse up higher than it needed to be. It also appeared to be taking her slightly longer than it should have needed and when she finally looked round at me, I was just openly gazing at her backside. “OK?” she asked.

“More than OK” I sighed, smiling and still continuing to just stare at her small, rounded arse cheeks clearly outlined through the lightweight dress material.

“Well, can you,” she finally said, “go and get that original report from your office to compare to this one?”

“Yep, will do,” I reluctantly said, disappointed that our flirting had obviously come to an end.

As it was a Friday afternoon the offices were a lot quieter than normal and I felt relieved that it would give my erection a chance to subside without anyone spotting it poking outwards from my lightweight suit trousers. I was also relieved that, as it was dress-down Friday I just had on an open necked business-style shirt on, no tie or jacket, as I was feeling noticeably quite warm now.